Everyone said we shouldn't do it...Start a surf wear brand during Covid?!! When Covid hit in 2020, lockdown gave us the time to re-evaluate, mull ideas over sitting around a fire, smashing a bevvie in the backyard. We thought, what the hell, let's give it a go!

 Having lived by the beach in many different towns across Australia, our lives were dominated by the ocean, beach BBQs, surfing, camping and surf lifesaving. We finally settled in lazy old Adelaide which we love! Basically, it's one massive country town, literally close to the beach and with easy access to the Flinders Ranges and the desert in central Australia. Our FLO STATE family is the most important thing to us and Covid only reiterated that.

 We have always loved the vibe of 90's surf wear, for the awesome styling and top quality and we have been continually frustrated by the fast fashion of our time. We hate how so many brands have poor quality gear that goes all bally or out of shape after a couple of wears and then gets tossed to the side or thrown out. We wanted to create Unisex retro inspired designs with the best quality fabrics that you will love for years to come.

 FLO STATE is a mostly unisex/gender neutral brand of clothing that we've designed to be with you on all of your adventures. It's not about being the best - it's about loving life, laughing with mates, surrendering to the moment, achieving YOUR FLO STATE.

 FLO STATE is the moment when your brain switches off to the
world around you and focuses on what's right in front of you.
You surrender your heart, mind and soul to it.